How to pay balance

Paypal wil take about more than 30 days to take money back and high risk to take money, as paypal will close our account for id selling, we have to charge 15% extra fee if you want to pay the balance with paypal.

  • Paypal +15% (5%transaction fee+10% high risk fee)
  • Bitcoin 10% discount

How to pay with bitcoin.

if you paid with bitcoin, we’ll give you 10% discount. it’s very easy to buy bitcion if you have a account on or and very easy to register one with id verification.

  • or (best recommended with ID Verification and KYC)
  • without ID Verification and KYC, also can find these without ID Verification and kyc on, just made a search.

If you can’t register or, you can try or bitcoin, it no ID VERIFICATION AND KYD requirement. easy to buy bitcoin with credit card or depid card.

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